Get Involved!

collage3b (1)The Cleveland Community Field Project needs your help. Here are some ways that your time and effort can make a difference.


  • Administrative Help: Assist with mailings and other administrative tasks.
  • Special Events: Assist where needed. Check back later for specific needs/projects.
  • Work Crew Labor: Assist where needed. Check back later for specific needs/projects.

In-Kind Support

  • If you work in construction or with related services and materials, you can help reduce the financial challenge by procuring in-kind donations. We need demolition, concrete/rock/gravel, electrical, and geotechnical work. We already have received help with plan design, engineering, and architectural services.


  • School Fundraisers: Help organize and support team fundraisers and events.
  • Grant writing: If you have connections to foundations or grant writing skills, get involved with our on-going grant writing campaign.
  • Service Organizations: If you are a member of a local service organization such as Rotary, Elks, or Eagles, you can recommend the group support the project, through in-kind, volunteer, or financial donations.


Write an endorsement:

  • You can help by telling us in your own words why you believe the Cleveland Community Field Project is important.

Business Solicitations: